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Report about action

  • Costas Deltouzos
    Back to Greece after an amazing EBM! A big thanks to all the organizers!
  • Saygın Gümüşel
    In summary, EBM'12 - Kiev was great! All of the participants were satisfied enough about everything we prepared together... Thus, I'd like to thank to all AEGEE-İzmir Board members and organization team! We did a good job guyz, congratz! ;))
  • Mathieu Soete
    Discussions on the future of AEGEE carry on into the night at EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir, while the clock mercilessly ticks away the hours until our flight back home. #TooExcitedToSleep
  • Mathieu Soete
    Very successful workshop on Rio+20 at the EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir this morning! Lots of interest from the participants and engaging discussions on sustainable development. Really promising for furtherAEGEE4Rio activities!
  • Mathieu Soete
    Great first day at EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir! Discussing on future AEGEE EnWGprojects, meeting with Christian Eichenmüller and engaging talks with prof. Jim Skelly.
  • Mathieu Soete
    So many people posting about this thing called EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir today. Let's find out what it is...
  • Mathieu Soete
    Rippling out of sight / Sand dunes, sea waves and snow bumps / High above the clouds ** Going to EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir **
  • Dragana Icic
    ohhh so sad I wont be there!! please someone, can you drink for me something there please??:))
  • Mathieu Soete
    Packing for the EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir... but first the Rio+20 conference at theEuropean Economic and Social Committee! #busyweek
  • Alexandra Vilcu
    Hello everyone! Is anyone landing in Izmir on the 9th of February in the afternoon? Maybe we could make a group and go together to the EBM location? :)
  • Sygrit Andringa
    Do you have accomodation suggestions for people staying longer in Izmir? (After 13th?)
  • Saygın Gümüşel
    Hey guys! We've 9 days for EBM'12 - Kiev! How do you feel about that? Are you enthusiastic and excited enough? Can I see you all? :)
  • Marleen Dijkhoff
    Looking forward to next week! (reading booklet EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir)
  • Paul Smits
    Very interesting debate on Europe with Judith Sargentini and Mervyn Stegers. Time for Europe to move on! Can't wait for EBM'12 - Kiev-İzmir,Network Meeting Amsterdam, Quenouille CyQlus and of courseSpring Agora Enschede!
  • Saygın Gümüşel
    A month left 4 this great international meeting! Sure that, every1 is waitin' 4 this unexpectedly! :)) Keep followin' ! ;)