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Members of action

Lucille Rieux

Works at AEGEE / European Students' Forum
Studied at Växjö Uni.

Lives in Madrid, Spain

From Växjö, Sweden

Sıla Özdemir

President of Supervisory Board at AEGEE-İzmir
Studied Economics at Dokuz Eylül University
Female Dokuz Eylül University

Can Kavak

Worked at AEGEE
Studied at İzmir Institute of Technology
Lives in İzmir, Turkey

OzAn İşgör

Works at AEGEE / European Students' Forum
Studying Business Administration at Anadolu University
Lives in Eskisehir, Turkey Born on December 13, 1990

Utku Temelkuran

Works at AEGEE

Magda Kasprzyk

Summer University Coordination Team at AEGEE / European Students' Forum
Studied Japanese at Jagiellonian University

Chertilina Olena

Works at AEGEE / European Students' Forum
Studied at National Mining University of Ukraine Lives in Dnipropetrovsk,
Ukraine From Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Alper Kanmaz

Works at AEGEE
Studied at Dokuz Eylül University Dokuz Eylül University